Teen Club

Age: 13 - 19 Years

Time for a Checking Account

Once you start earning money it may be time to have that talk with your parents.  You know the one where you tell them the benefits of starting your own checking account.  You don’t necessarily need to wait until you land your first official job.  Many teens earn money through an allowance or perhaps by doing odd jobs like babysitting or mowing in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter months.

A checking account will help you manage your money.  You can even get your own debit card to provide yourself with the convenience of having access to your money when you need it.  You will have a record of where your money was spent unlike cash where it can be hard to track where it went. You must safeguard your card just like you would cash.  You must be responsible with the card just as you would with cash.

Got a phone?  It’s almost like having direct access to your account anytime – anywhere.  You can check your balance, you can deposit a check, you can send money to your friends or family, or better yet, they can send you money.

Fort Dodge Family is on your team!  We are here to help you learn how to manage your money and provide you with a foundation of knowledge that will help you throughout your life.

Scholarships are FREE Money!

If you are planning on attending college, you should investigate all potential scholarship opportunities that you qualify for.  The ICAN website can provide you with tips on how to best approach scholarship opportunities to increase your chances of securing some of that FREE money.

As a Credit Union member, the Iowa Credit Union League Foundation offers scholarships that you would qualify for. The Warren A Morrow Memorial Scholarship is now open through February 4, 2022.

The Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship includes two categories:

  • High school scholarships (8 possible awards):
  • (2) first-place prize of $3,000;
  • (2) second place of $2,000;
  • (2) third place of $1,500 and
  • (2) fourth place of $1,000.
  • Post-high school scholarship category includes (4) four $2,000 scholarships


Fort Dodge Family Credit Union will announce its 2022 Scholarship program mid-December 2021.

Teen Club