Online Statement

When it comes to handling bank statements, the risk of becoming disorganized is higher with the more statements you receive. Not only is there a risk of delay of receiving your monthly statement, but there is a likelihood of your statement being lost. This is why online bank statements are crucial for your financial security and success.

There are many benefits in signing up to receive online bank statements for our members such as the following.

  • Eliminate the possibility of lost mail, damaged papers, and becoming disorganized.
  • Reduce mailbox clutter
  • Heightened security – Be worry-free of your personal banking information becoming lost or getting in the wrong hands.
  • Quick delivery – Instead of waiting multiple business days to receive your monthly statement, access yours in a matter of seconds by checking for a secure email.
  • Stay organized – With the online aspect of banking statements, it is easier to stay organized with being able to simply download each statement and store it in a folder for your reference.
  • 24/7 Viewing – Want to double-check your statement from three months ago? In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to view all your past statements.For further information or any questions regarding this service, get in touch with FDFCU today.