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FDFCU remains focused on making a positive impact within the lives of each member.  It is our commitment to provide personal individualized service which enables our members to achieve their financial goals.  

Making A Positive Impact

Regardless of who you are or what age or stage you are in, we are here to make a positive impact within your financial life.

Kids Club – YOUth Club – Teen Club

Focused on member engagement and financial education to help our younger members establish a solid financial foundation.  

Establishing Credit

It’s not always easy to get your first loan and establish credit.  FDFCU works with members to offer them their first loan which helps to build their credit.

Equally important we are here to provide member education on the importance of establishing and maintaining a good credit score.

Looking for a Loan

FDFCU utilizes Risk Based Lending.  We have established five levels which are based on your credit score.  We use a Trans Union scoring model to obtain credit scores.  The higher your score, the lower your interest rate will be on your loan.

We offer competitive rates regardless of your score.  

Repairing Your Credit Score

We know that sometimes life happens, and credit scores may have suffered; however, we are here to help you get back on track. We can help you plan on how you can improve your score.

Collections 12.25.28 AM

Member Solutions

We are here to work with existing members who are currently struggling with their existing loans. We have many options available to help our members through tough times.

How may we help you? Call or text us @ 515-573-4040 or 515-227-6297

Harlee and Shay


Creating a Budget

Creating a budget will allow you to gain additional control over your money. Working together we can help you gain control over your money before it gains control over you.

How may I help you? Call or text me @ 515-573-1160


Accounts with a Purpose

Not only do we offer the basic savings and checking accounts, but we also encourage members to open special accounts to help them save for what is important to them.  Perhaps it’s a vacation, perhaps it’s for your next vehicle, or Christmas.  You decide.

Money market accounts offer members a higher rate of interest.  Certificate of Deposits with varied terms and balance requirements are available to help members maximize their return.  

HSA are also offered to members who need may need that type of an account.

Both Traditional and Roth IRA accounts are offered.  Members are rewarded with an exceptionally high rate of interest on these funds.  

Banking on your Time

Time is a precious commodity, and we are here to help you save as much time as possible while providing members with added convenience.  

On-line and mobile banking bring banking to your fingertips 24/7/365.  Whether you have an inquiry, want to transfer money, deposit a check, or pay a bill you have full access when and where you want it.

Visa Debit Cards brings your money to you when and where you need it.  Whether you are taking cash out at an ATM or paying for items at the checkout lane you have access to your account funds.

Our Mission

Our mission is basic:
· Enrich
· Empower
· Engage

Enrich members’ lives by providing economical products and services.
Empower members with education.
Engage members with Credit Union events and activities