Case Details

Just when you thought you knew how to play the game…they (fraudsters) changed the rules.

Obstacles of Fraud

Fort Dodge Family Credit Union is here on your side to help you navigate through the obstacle course created by fraudsters.  Increased awareness is your best protection.  This protection can often save you both time and money.

The schemes and scams are forever changing.  When we think we know the game, the fraudsters shift to stay one step ahead.  It’s almost like you are playing a game and the game keeps changing and you must keep trying to learn the new format.  We can’t foresee what the next fraudulent scheme or scam will be.  We can’t guarantee you won’t fall victim to a scam.  We do know that education is the best protection. Education brings forth awareness.

The Golden Rules:

The fraud game may change; however, knowing common rules will help you navigate through life’s fraudulent obstacle course.

Mobile Banking/On-line Banking Credentials

Never share your user id or password with anyone even when “they” offer to deposit a check directly into your account.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Easy money isn’t always what it seems to be. The scams are numerous. Mystery Shops, advertisements, strangers helping you financially. The list could go on and on….

Stay informed:  

Periodically, Fort Dodge Family Credit Union will post a new Fraud Fighting blog which will be in Our Latest Insights section on our website.  Just scroll down to the bottom of our home page to locate the information.