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Bills here. Bills there. Bills everywhere. Want to simplify your finances or consolidate your debt? Let’s find a solution that will work for you.

Is it time to take Financial Control?

Life is full of stressors. Fort Dodge Family Credit Union is on the sidelines waiting to help you reduce your financial stress. We have created a loan promotion to help our members consolidate their debt and/or bills into one loan.

With an incredibly low interest rate and a term of 36 months we can give you the financial control you need.

Know what you owe

List what you owe and to whom. Include the payments and the rate of interest for each item. Determine what you want to consolidate.

Contact FDFCU

We are here to help you take financial control and lighten the financial stress within your life. Allow us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.

Money in Your Pocket

Have you checked your interest rate on your credit cards lately? This is an example on how much money you could pocket over three years.

$12,000.00                                               $12,000.00

24.90%    APR                                             8.00%     APR

36 Months                                                  36 Months

$476.57 Monthly payment                      $376.14 Monthly payment

$5,156.50 Finance Charge                      $1,540.64 Finance Charge

That’s a savings of $3,615.86!

Must be a FDFCU member to obtain a loan.

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate may vary based on credit score, type of loan and term. 

Rates, terms, and conditions subject to change at any time. All rates displayed on this breakdown are based on Level A scores generated by Transunion.

Creating a Budget

Creating a budget will allow you to gain additional control over your money. Working together we can help you gain control over your money before it gains control over you.

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