Our Journey

Credit Unions are federally insured financial cooperatives owned by its members. Members like you! Unlike other financial institutions, Credit Unions are not-for-profit and focused on providing services to those who they serve.

For members in need of financial products and services, Fort Dodge Family Credit Union remains focused on making a positive impact within the lives of each member. It is our commitment to provide personal individualized service which enables our members to achieve their financial goals. Members are empowered with education, inspired for success, and coached to bring it all together.

Member experiences that create members for life are created each and every day within an environment where no one is judged, and no one is inferior. We are like family and we all sit at the table together. Fort Dodge Family Credit Union: It’s where we all belong.

Our History

On April 27,1940, our Credit Union began as the Serum Employee's Credit Union. We served the Serum Company's employees and their family members. Through the years the Serum Company evolved into the Fort Dodge Laboratories and continued to evolve through other companies and is now known as Elanco Animal Health. Likewise, our Credit Union evolved from the Serum Employee's Credit Union to FDL Employee's Credit Union to Fort Dodge Family Credit Union.

Our Mission

Our mission is basic:
· Enrich
· Empower
· Engage

Enrich members’ lives by providing economical products and services.
Empower members with education.
Engage members with Credit Union events and activities.

History & Mission